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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some things we just can’t change

Have you noticed things we just can’t change? Be it within ourselves or our personal space, like our room, house or something.
I have 2-3 things that I want to change but it’s just like in the movies, wherein fat-free freaks puke when they are fooled in to eat a cheese burger.

One is reaching the office in time in morning. I am asked to be in my office, complete my first report before 8:30, so I have to be in my desk around about quarter past 8. I leave home between 7:35- 7:45, and it takes me 35-45 mins to reach my office. Every time I cross 8:15 and am still driving, the uneasiness that creeps into me is hard to beat.

Another habit is waking up early in weekends, many of my friends make fun of it saying I tend to follow my weekday routine through weekend, no; I probably would wake up even earlier than during weekday. It’s just the feeling of not wasting precious weekend hours to sleep. Almost everyone enjoys sleep to other things, but I prefer to read novels, or just browse, and read blogs online, e-papers, or learn about my favorites like F1 cars, or airplanes or simply, travel destinations. These are habits that I cant change.
What do you have that you cant change?