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Friday, October 27, 2006

The best me..

This is inspired by a post in 'Kodumai da saami' blog by Usha..

1.The best thing to do – sing my favourite song!

2.The best gift -

Every single greeting is a great gift to me.. but there is never a best gift,except my mother that God gave me..

3.The best thing I've ever heard – being called by my name by the CEO of my company!

4.The best thing I've said - Sooperappu..

5.The best thing that happened to me – my life..

6.The best person I've met – CFO of my company, Joe Joy.. simple man even though he runns a multi million dollar company.

7.The best friend- my mum, and countless college group members..

8.The best moment – I am not a budha to tell every moment is the best, but the one that stands out is when I hugged my parents last visit to India after missing them for a year.

9.The best book – Every book I finish, but one that stood out was ‘The monster lives’, Metallica’s bio.. I worship that band..

10.The best blog – Suguna’s, Satheesh’s , Vidhya’s , Bodai’s(Desparados, it is not our buddy,bodai).

11.The best place – The highway to Nainital.

12.The best food – Aapam and paya(Naan iyer paiyan nu evanume namba maatan).

13.The best song – Run to you(Bryan adams), Panivizhum malarvanam, but anyday ‘kadhal rojave’.

14.The best hangout – Club 9 in coimbatore.

15.The best eatout – Saravana bhavan, komalaa’s in chennai!

16.The best hobby - poetry

17.The best TV show ever – that 70’s show?

18.The best manager - amma

19.The best musician – mine’s ARR in tamil, James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine in english.

20.The best gang – the current one and the college one, cant rate one better..

21.The best drink – hot filter coffee?

22.The best quote – What goes around comes around

23.The best woman - My amma

24.The best kid - Meeeeee……..

25.The best poem – anything by Thabu Shankar!

26.The best dancer – Prabu Deva

27.The best movie – The wedding crashers

28.The best actor - anytime Kamal.

29.The best vehicle – One of my dream cars, Porshe careera GT or any Ferrari

30.The best scene in a movie – any good comedy scene

Small Moments Bring Big Joy

They are the smallest of moments that brings in big pleasures in everybody’s life. Even Bill Gates said that he felt complete only when his new born daughter Jennifer smiled at him. Being a rover myself, my mum always used to tell me to buy some small thing to people that I love, since it would mean that I thought of them at that moment. I did listen to her only when I was finishing my college.

The topic of this post was a similar thing that happened to me, in the receiving end. Last week my DBA colleagues attended the IBM Information On Demand conference in Anaheim California. Each one bought either a db2 magazine or some book from the conference for me. Now I have 5 new books. I should start to look into them. People, if you want to express your love or like to someone, do buy them a small gift or help them in a small way, but with all your heart.

Strength blossoms after every failure!

Thats what I’ve found out of late.. strength blossoms after every failures, but hey, it doesnt do itself.. There are two choices after each failure.. you throw your ideologies on the failure and use it as a reason to lose, or you learn what lead to the failure and correct it, know more about life, and grow positive..
I always thought God let me down, but looking back, I’ve learnt from the mistakes and become a better person. Love, friendships, work, study, there were difficulties in everything, but a little faith and true prayer did save me from failing!

When doubts haunt me, when disappointments stare me in the face, and I see not one ray of hope on the horizon, I turn to Bhagavad-gita and find a verse to comfort me; and I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow.

- Mahathma Gandhi