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Monday, July 02, 2007

ALPINE to the rescue

Two weeks with no customizable music and lousy radio which talks about mascaras and girlfriends cheating their partners because they got bored of the relationships, et al. Phew.. Good that it came to an end. I installed a music system in my car.
The original set had 6 cd changer manufacturer’s Infinity system. The speakers were good. Just the cd changer was struck. I can say with full knowledge that I have changed radio channels more than 50 times a day (I drive around 2:10 hrs a day to/from work, mostly rush hour traffic). I began to hate it.
Last Saturday I decided I had to get this thing done even though I wasn’t fully energetic(?). Got an alpine CDA 9883 system, A for aux input enabled. The whole electronics was changed and it was costlier than my original budget, but hey, why complain when you are happy with the result?

They gave me an output-input aux cable for free (24$ free for 330$ business!) I got the car back last night and the audio was simply amazing. The 45 W internal amp was good for the kinds of music I hear (mostly tamil and English hard rock, no need for subs). This morning I connected my Sony Network walkman with all my favourites in it, simply great time driving to work..
Note about Saturday was the movie 1408 and some stuff to celebrate Saturday night!! The movie was ok, watchable, but I liked John Cusack’s acting. He was really good once when he stubbornly refuces to believe in ghosts (he has written two books contradicting whoever believed in ghosts, visits every place that were reported haunted to only sleep a boring night) and the scene when his dead daughter walks up and hugs him.
I am also waiting for Bourne Ultimatum, the last in the Bourne series by Robert Ludlum. He is one of my favourite actors, and the series is just too good..

Movies ,movies and more movies. I missed ratatouille last night when I had to stay back to report on my office work. Damn!! Wrong timing. Transporters releases tomorrow.. is a small group of F1 fans in India. There is a fantasy game where you can select 2 teams and 4 drivers that you hope to win the following GP. I put my faith on my favorite 2 teams and 4 drivers (er Alonso aint my fav, but I thought he’d be aggressive since he was made to play 2nd role in McLaran, in the recent past He was aggressive, but a little too much. That is the difference between winners and Legends, you know who I am referring to). I had come 6th last time for the Indy race, now 2nd. Feels good, but if I had selected Kubica, the 2nd BMW driver, I’d have been at the top of the list. arun_schumi_rocks is my id.