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Friday, February 20, 2009

You and I

I lose myself, when you look at me like this,
I lose myself, when I look into your eyes,
something in me, changes, changes and I become this man,
lose sense of place and time, and wanna love you as much as i can,

you and I, are slated to be one, always,
you and I, will share each others dreams
we'll make love till sun shines bright, and the moon,
hides her light...

i cannot sit still, i cannot wait this time,
for the day to come, when we two become one,
i cant hold my love, i cannot live,
without your touch, i am devoid.. devoid of soul

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When will I see you?

early evening sun shining bright
dark clouds marched with all might
sitting under a tree so green
hearing water dance in a stream
kissing rocks brown and black
holding close she danced with slack
fluttering beauties were butterflies
carrasing my skin thou' too danced
reminding joy still had a life
in this world breadthless with strife

sound of drums played them clouds
hiding the sun turned into it's shroud
winds kissed each other so did
leaves and earth and droplets unhid
smiles and laughter and joy abound
questioned me if I had found

'all ye friends with cheers abound
how can I contract life you've found
for ye all have counterparts in crime
to hold and kiss and multiply in time
how can I lose loneliness so huge
for she is breathing, me in lieu
kissing her eyes only in my dreams
heart so heavy wanting to scream
face so beautiful seemingly unhuman
loving me dear changing me into a man
the day she smiles using her magic wand
alas between us is miles, ten and three grand

Empty poetry

Shouted at the moon 'write me a poem,
so my beauty would have reason to smile'
'I got my hands full' said and she shone
so to the sun, I started my mile

'Burning is my life' he turned away
'come after million years, then I would think
when my life is dark and soul would sway'
time was lost and I wouldn’t wait a blink

so to the stars always full of joy
'find me words so beauteous
so my queen does read and coy'
waited and waited elevating pious

'no child of English would help my work
so were Spanish’s Latin’s and French'
I give up trying emptying my luck
as no creation equated her binge'

so I set to the great Shakespeare
sitting by the Thames was the master of quotes
facing him was my heart breathing fire
requested a charming love anecdote

'O young man, your bespeak is fearful
To fulfill it should I return to my innocence
Olivia Ophelia Tamora Titania
One'd together would be a decadence'

ask the creator to start his day
for he has the mantle for your satisfaction'
said he and cried that rained on hay
making my mind this would be last declination

'Alone he stood, shining with all his might
smiling as I pour'd the juice of my want
touching my skin filling my sight
made me this to steal your heart..

Silence is the loudest noise

drops and drops falling low
onto a bucket filling up quickly
breaking the audio marred by silence
doth maketh me smile and not so alone

eyes of truth, the truth of emotions
emotions so wild of meaningful love
only to disappear into wilderness
raising questions of it's presence

falling and falling all but muddy
heavier and heavier becomes my heart
breaking silence the air out of thou
feeling pain and pleasure bid adieu

wanting and waiting, patience befriending
watching the twinkle of ye star so far
little boy with heart so empty
lying on grass, so warm so green

time and place losing their value
life and death losing their power
surrounding you all pitch black
saying silence is the loudest noise I hear.