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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reign over me

Only sentimental and non action movie that I really loved this year.. I always feel uneasy watching Adam Sandler's movies, since many of them turn out to be sentimental overkills. I saw the trailer of this movie when in Transformers. The soundtrack was good, classic rock, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Cocker, et al. So thought would watch the movie, hey, what better can you do in a sunday afternoon with nothing to do and streamable movies online?
'Click' was the last one I watched, it was really an overkill, trying to say goodness to the people, I sometimes found it to be a preaching cut. So when I started watching, I had no expectations. Man I should say, Sandler is great actor. The way he potrays post dramatic stressed patient, and simplicity in life that he practices, friendship, taking no crap from others, freedom of life, it was really a mango milk shake in the midst of very hot andhra biriyani.
Watch it friends, you wont be disappointed.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

JUMPER - next movie I am waiting for

How cool if I only had this power?