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Monday, February 05, 2007

Back to the pavilion

This was what happened to me last week when I set foot on Dallas last Tuesday. After ‘aatam pottufying ‘(playing) in my hometown for 15 days, was back to America, to continue pursuing my dream, whatever it is!! The whole trip was, simply put, awesome.
1st week, spent entirely doing what I used to during my undergrad days, monthly holidays. Morning walks, market trips, interior changes, carom games, movies, talking about politics, general work or anything with parents. One additional thing this time around was playing with my nephew. What a boy he is? Just 18 months old, recognizes each person(thatha- grand dad, my father, mama- uncle , me, paati-grand mother). When he sees me, he will call mama continuously until I go and lift him. He sat on my lap when I drove my car around the city and will not get out from the car unless I pull him. I will post some of his pics later, but the cutest guy was also my greatest fun during the trip. Even today, he shouts my name in cell phone when I call my sister.
The 1st Saturday of my Indian trip was an awesome day, went to Chennai, met some of my old buddies after years together, and had a helluva party at GRT grandays, the only word coming out of my group towards the food servers was ‘Repeat!!!’. (my friends know what I am talking about ;-) )
The 2nd week was one of the most stressful and most enjoying weeks ever in my life, the sashtyathaboorthy function (60th b-day celebration) of my father. It was on 26th, jan. 3 days with 4 hr sleep, else spent on organizing and inviting ppl. The function itself was a great one, I partook in all activities, from arranging stuff, to saapadu parimaaral(serving food to guests). I was in a state of breaking down, when another set of friends came from coimbatore to attend this, and we all went out, lunch, and guru film, then showing them my father’s farmhouse, dinner at my home and they left.
With one day left between that and me leaving India, I decided not to sleep, watching tamil programs in TV. Then came the d-day and I left India. I couldn’t feel correctly according to the situation in hand, since everything was happening faster than speed of light, India trip, function, back. Only when I went to my transit hotel room in Muscat and started to think about the whole trip, did I become SAD!!