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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Empty poetry

Shouted at the moon 'write me a poem,
so my beauty would have reason to smile'
'I got my hands full' said and she shone
so to the sun, I started my mile

'Burning is my life' he turned away
'come after million years, then I would think
when my life is dark and soul would sway'
time was lost and I wouldn’t wait a blink

so to the stars always full of joy
'find me words so beauteous
so my queen does read and coy'
waited and waited elevating pious

'no child of English would help my work
so were Spanish’s Latin’s and French'
I give up trying emptying my luck
as no creation equated her binge'

so I set to the great Shakespeare
sitting by the Thames was the master of quotes
facing him was my heart breathing fire
requested a charming love anecdote

'O young man, your bespeak is fearful
To fulfill it should I return to my innocence
Olivia Ophelia Tamora Titania
One'd together would be a decadence'

ask the creator to start his day
for he has the mantle for your satisfaction'
said he and cried that rained on hay
making my mind this would be last declination

'Alone he stood, shining with all his might
smiling as I pour'd the juice of my want
touching my skin filling my sight
made me this to steal your heart..