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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Protect your eyes

If you are in the majority that stares at a screen(Television, monitors or laptop screens) for more than 20 hours a week please read the below sentence out loud. 


Viewing the screen places a lot of stress on the muscles of the eyes which are important in maintaining the focal distance between the retina and the lens of an eye and it's focal length. As with every organic entity it has a threshold in dealing with stress. Once it snaps we are presented with gifts like excruciating headaches, blurred vision that needs correction and even surgery in some cases and you don't need to experience them. I had glasses during my adolescence for far sight correction due to muscular weakness and I hated using them every minute. I felt like being inside a hole and losing half my viewing angle that reduced my mental concentration on issues at hand. Once the far sight correction went away after I crossed twenty I felt as if given a gift to not use glasses. That was when I began to follow these as I need to look at bright screens a majority of my work life. 

1 Change the viewpoint at least once every quarter of an hour - it relieves the stress due to brightness and allows refocusing on what the eyes see best - natural world objects

2 Close both the eyes with palms and open the eyelids - just look at the darkness, it brings back the Iris to it's original size and relaxes the muscles. Repeat this with doing so on one eye at a time

3  Perform eye exercises - google this and you can read about tons of them. I do the side to side, up and down and upper oval and lower oval movement exercises. I then do the focus exercise in that I focus on objects in different distances one after next on around ten of them. 

Please look after your eyes as they are the window to the world and a major contributor to ones cognitive capacity.