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Friday, October 27, 2006

The best me..

This is inspired by a post in 'Kodumai da saami' blog by Usha..

1.The best thing to do – sing my favourite song!

2.The best gift -

Every single greeting is a great gift to me.. but there is never a best gift,except my mother that God gave me..

3.The best thing I've ever heard – being called by my name by the CEO of my company!

4.The best thing I've said - Sooperappu..

5.The best thing that happened to me – my life..

6.The best person I've met – CFO of my company, Joe Joy.. simple man even though he runns a multi million dollar company.

7.The best friend- my mum, and countless college group members..

8.The best moment – I am not a budha to tell every moment is the best, but the one that stands out is when I hugged my parents last visit to India after missing them for a year.

9.The best book – Every book I finish, but one that stood out was ‘The monster lives’, Metallica’s bio.. I worship that band..

10.The best blog – Suguna’s, Satheesh’s , Vidhya’s , Bodai’s(Desparados, it is not our buddy,bodai).

11.The best place – The highway to Nainital.

12.The best food – Aapam and paya(Naan iyer paiyan nu evanume namba maatan).

13.The best song – Run to you(Bryan adams), Panivizhum malarvanam, but anyday ‘kadhal rojave’.

14.The best hangout – Club 9 in coimbatore.

15.The best eatout – Saravana bhavan, komalaa’s in chennai!

16.The best hobby - poetry

17.The best TV show ever – that 70’s show?

18.The best manager - amma

19.The best musician – mine’s ARR in tamil, James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine in english.

20.The best gang – the current one and the college one, cant rate one better..

21.The best drink – hot filter coffee?

22.The best quote – What goes around comes around

23.The best woman - My amma

24.The best kid - Meeeeee……..

25.The best poem – anything by Thabu Shankar!

26.The best dancer – Prabu Deva

27.The best movie – The wedding crashers

28.The best actor - anytime Kamal.

29.The best vehicle – One of my dream cars, Porshe careera GT or any Ferrari

30.The best scene in a movie – any good comedy scene