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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nokia 5800 Express Music

Shelling out nearly 400$ for a phone is not very high in my list of things to shop. It would've been seen as madness if i had done it in USA, when I was working, one eighth of the monthly salary to get a phone. But in India, the gadgets tell more about your individuality than what they do in big brother's place. So I started short-listing all the possible phones I could get with this money. Following were my points to ponder when I was doing that,
1. the cost should be very near +- 50$ to my target
2. should have great media capabilities
3. should be smart, (more in internet and connectivity)
4. ok, not a big deal nowadays with mm2 cards, but anyways, good memory,
5. mostly the top of others' list, the style of the gadget itself.

It came down to iPhone, Nokia S60 series, N series, 5800 , Sony Erricson P910i, some motorola and LG/Samsung and other lower end players. I loved Sony's 910, had great connectivity, can run Lotus Notes (my work mail), good media (although it doesn't get all attention when going through these kind of phones.

One that caught my eye was Nokia 5800, ok it may not be as great as iPhone w.r.t media, but as ever, I wouldn't prefer to get the most famous one. I got the Yamaha R 15 bike just to get the best, may not be the perfect commuter for this country, but for sheer joy of biking. It has been commented so much, albeit not asked for in the first place, that it could affect my back (if it was true, Rossi should've been dead of backache now), low miles per gallon (Kms per liter in this part of the world)..(as if I don't know when I started shopping) etc. Basically, I like new styles, bold ones to be particular, and ease of use has been out of reach ever since I got Sony's 850 couple of years ago.

So it was decided, Nokia 5800 Express Music and I should say it has been the best phone I've ever got, 3 MP camera (Carl Zeiss lens), great music (why wouldn't they tag it with a statement like 'Express Music' anyway?), superb styling with 3.2 inch display/touchscreen that helps me put awesome photos as wallpaper, fast and fat wLan connectivity, very fast file indexing, 8 GB card, and great software. I've been using it so much I feel I'm back to my teens, always doing something with my mobile, texting, music etc etc. I've captured many photos, loaded my entire music collection (well, almost), pictures, and even an xvid version of my favourite action movie. I've loaded all my web feeds, bookmarks from laptop's chrome, podcasts, and I should say, I'm havin a whale of a time. Even now, am listening to 's first podcast about this year season. Go multi-tasking, go connectivity.