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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Where do you like to go swimming?

Whether it is swimming in the pool the Ocean, thoughts ,ideas, physical or intellectual, it is a fun activity to do. I learnt to swim in the water when I was in my 3rd grade and have loved it ever since.

Photo courtesy Michael Phelps biography

Where would I love to go swimming?

Fresh water. Although I don't oppose intellectual swim, its just that I do the latter in fast paced and short dashes a few times everyday. Fresh water swimming creates a sensation of being free, unconstrained as opposed to the two dimensional planar movement we do bin moving on the Earth's surface.
It is one of the best exercises, it tones more muscles than localized exercises at the gym. The change at the core of the body is in alignment with the other parts that it prevents any long term injuries like the lumbar and back pains that are experienced frequently by localized exercisers.

The stance gets improved, the gluts get toned. We start to stand and move in an open chested fashion that creates an aura of confidence in us. That is a very important attribute that could aid in our social life, be it at work place or at parties.

Where do you like to go swimming?