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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Appreciation : Liebester Blog Award

Thanks to Sahil Khanna for nominating my blog for the Liebester Blog award. Its an award for the bloggers, by the bloggers and of the bloggers. Sahil made sure he nominated for my short-stories and not the long and boring commentaries, thanks mate :) .

 Now for the rules to get nominated.

1. Thank the fellow blogger who nominated you.
2. List five blogs that has impacted your writing in a positive manner, by virtue of comments, posts, inspirations etc.
3. Leave comments on those blogs letting them know of the nominations
4. Post the award in your blog.
5. Bask in the love of fellow bloggers and spread joy and inculcate good karma.

Here are my nominations.

1. Rambling ego
2. Aisha's scrapyard
3. The quirk in the head
4. Cheese charmer
5. Mindblur - by Amira

Thanks for the inspiration, motivations and great posts. I hope you continue posting great pearls for our enjoyment.