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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Me and my roomie were debating about F1 and IRL, which is what. F1 is according to me, one of the greatest sports ever. I love cars, the tech that goes into them, and the speed, beauty of handling and much more. So am into the intricacies of driving. Thus am a fan of F1. It all started back in my 10th grade when I was changing channels and there was a race going on. It showed the drivers were at 310 Km/hr, man street hawk being real? I watched it. A guy won the race, but it was so awesome watching how the drivers turned, handled corners, breaked.
I bagan watching regularly. Me being a fan the RED team's street cars, it was smooth that I became their F1 team's fan. As I watched more, I felt the beauty of team strategy, pit stop strategy, tire compounds, aerodynamics, the setups required in different 'kinds' of tracks.
I can call myself as formula 1 freak even though my favourite driver retiered last season (2006).
IRL on the other hand concentrates on raw speed. They reach upto 240 miles/hr, unbelieveable one. The tracks are just oval with long straights. People who come to watch this more often come for the fun of competetion and how drivers overtake each other, lots of action..
But this is not always the case of F1 fans. The way the team handles the race is also one of the most important factor a F1 fan looks up during a race.
Anyways, much said, I read interesting debates between the two.
Thought I could share.

What did you watch? Monaco 2k7 or Indy 500?
I did both!!

Dr.Vee's comments about the debate...