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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Enna satham intha neram

She was holding my hand, sad since she's going to leave me. It was a bright afternoon and I was in Chennai domestic airport. I bought an entry ticket for Rs.20 and went in, rolling her big suitcase. She had Da Vinci's code novel in her right hand,tucked in firmly. Her dress was a beautiful red salwar kameez with a free flowing hair. Her eyes were dry and red. She asked if she can get a bottle of water since her throat too was dry and I ran and got her one.
She then went into the ticketing zone to check in her bags, I waited at the entrance. My friend Shiva was with me. He asked something about my car, to which I didnt listen. I was looking at her.
She checked in, came back and told her flight was leaving in another 40 minutes. I gave her the greeting I had bought for her. She smiled looking at it. I hugged her good bye and was talking about something, my back started to hurt very much. Felt rough under me, some repeating sound coming from not so distant place from me. I had been sleeping and someone was walking in the mezzanine floor.Enna satham intha neram.
The time was 12:31 PM, and it was a bright afternoon. I hoped to not have woken up at all. Damn,it has been a very long time since I had a heartful dream.