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Monday, July 30, 2007


Not the blog, but my home.. Ihave moved back to the UTD apartment complex(waterview appts) and in with 3 other friends of mine. The place is smaller than my present home, which according to me is one of the most beautiful houses anyone can live in.. :( SOb.. anyways, change is good. Part of the reason to move is leasing issues, and financial(some friends moved out)

Moved most of the contents yesterday over a period of 6 hours. It was tough.. Not only the taking down of current house, but carrying tables and other big stuff 2 floors up. Was soaked in sweat when it was all over. Today and tomorrow will be cleaning day(not by us, appada!!!).

Waiting for Bourne Ultimatum this Friday. Should be awesome, one of my favourite actors and I love the series as a whole.. Will miss Chris Cooper, but David Strathairn should do a good job along his lines.

I have been collecting Google earth collections(Zipped Keyhole Markup Language KMZ). I then found Google earth community, I downed F1 circuits, Cricket grounds, Brands Hatch circuit, Tourism places in Europe[:)] Do take a look, it is amazing.. In case anyone wants to make sightseeing points for people using Google Earth like Google has here: