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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bourne, Heidfeld,Rosberg,friendship day........

As a hardcore action movie fan, I couldnt be happier than when I was watching
the ultimate movie last night, Bourne Ultimatum. One of my favourite series,
actor, and action baby, full fledged action.
One scene even kept me at the edge of the seat, and held my breadth for atleast
20 seconds, the police car, VW Toureg crash, and one scene I clapped with full
force was when Bourne helped the British journalist dodge the assasins through
the streets of London, and waterloo station. Plot mixed up with action and
acting at one of it's highest points.. I would put this movie at no.1, just
before Live free or die hard, in the charts of this summer's movies. I am thinking
of writing a full blown review for this movie. 3 years was worth the wait.

Woke up this morning after just a 4 hour sleep, to watch a very interesting
qualifying session of Formula 1. Fisichella holding up Yamamoto, and Nico
Rosberg finding his pace. One of my favourite drivers of the year Nick Hiedfeld
got the ever eluding 3rd in qualifying, and another good driver Nico Rosberg
getting higher with not so frontline car. His 'midfield' status can be
questioned if he can finish in the same place as qualifying. Only sadness was
Raikkonen not finiding his pace, and Massa,... Talking about Massa, he was all
over the place in the final section of Qualifying 2(Q2), and the team's confusion
leading to no fuelling during a pit stop. I felt sorry for him. I think Raikkonen
will pass Hiedfeld during the race, and there would be sure competetion between the
2 Mclarans, and would expect some confusion during the show. Hey, Mclarans arent
the best when it comes to pit stop strategy.

And to all my friends, school, college, Masters, workplace, have a very happy
friendship day. This is one feeling to be cherished for life.